Monday, July 31, 2006

How is he not an anti-Semite?

Seriously. From Slate:

"The best case that can be made for Gibson's belief system now is that he's only anti-Semitic when he's three sheets to the wind. And really, now. Are you in the habit of declaring, "The Jews are responsible for all the wars in the world" when you get pie-eyed? Or simply of muttering, "Fucking Jews"? Or of asking your arresting officer, "Are you a Jew?" (Here Gibson revealed an anti-Jewish bigotry so all-consuming that he couldn't even get his ethnic stereotypes straight. The Jews control international banking, Mel. It's the Irish who control the police.)"

This reminds me of how utterly perverse Gibson's movie was. How he managed to take the story of Jesus and turn it into a film marked by cruelty, torture and relentless vilification of Jews is sick and altogether depressing.

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Anonymous said...

he wasnt even that drunk. blew like a .12 that probably wouldnt merit much of a fine over in Posner County.