Monday, July 31, 2006

It's a conspiracy!

Conservative conspiracy theorists—what strange beasts! Take a look:

"I have a crazy hunch that the people who believe a controlled demolition took down the Towers on 9/11 will be decidedly more skeptical about this one"

Right-wing blogistan is abuzz with speculation about the Israeli bombing in Qana. Dozens of Lebanese civilians died in a building collapse following aerial bombardment, and now the compulsively pro-war crowd has a new tibdit to engage its fancies. Apparently, the building collapsed several hours after bombs stopped falling. You can just see the gears grinding in their neocon rat brains:

Civilians died in an Israeli assault? Ah, but innocent death is an inevitable part of war. It isn't Israel's fault. Only an organization as evil as Hezbollah could be the cause. In fact, Hezbollah actively seeks civilian death in Lebanon as part of its strategy. Wait, what do you say? The building fell hours after it was bombed? Well, there! This time discrepancy must clearly be the result of a Hezbollah plot—a controlled demolition hours later to cause innocent casualties and further galvanize world opinion. But wait, doesn't this sound like the musings of extremist 9/11 hacks? Ah, nah, the liberals are hypocrites for not accepting our theory. Liberals are hypocrites. Liberals are hypocrites.

Um, guys? I consider my memory to be fairly poor, but my strong recollection is that a structure named World Trade Center 7 collapsed hours after the two towers fell. And the reason for this collapse? Simple structural failure. No hidden bombs, no controlled demolition.

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