Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Oh no...

I hate it when the party I try to support does something this dumb.

Can no one grasp that if Al-Maliki is to have any chance of success, he must be perceived by his constituents as an independent agent, outside American control?

More fundamentally, why are we even having him visit the United States? How could this conceivably deliver any benefit? Does anyone have an answer?

Bush's surprise visit to Iraq a few months ago decimated Al-Maliki's credibility on the Arab street. The consequences should have been blindingly obvious: when an American president decides to visit Iraqi soil without even notifying the Iraqi leader, he mocks the nation's claim to sovereignty and provides support to insurgents claiming a struggle against American "occupation." And for what purpose? To show "support" for the new Iraqi regime? If this Administration had any brains, it would realize that visible association with the American government is the last thing Al-Maliki needs.

But back to Congresswoman DeLauro's transparently political machinations. She apparently feels the need to out-Israel the Republicans, or to take any shot possible at the Administration... or something. It doesn't really matter what - she's demonstrated a fundamental incapacity to deal appropriately with the most pressing issues of foreign policy.

Attack the Administration on the countless substantive points where it is wrong; criticize its shocking ineptitude and lack of perspective; but don't attempt to ruin the one exceptionally unusual situation where (if solely through inaction) the President is right.

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