Thursday, July 20, 2006

Oh, they're all the same

I learn exciting new facts from conservative pundits on a rather regular basis. Today, I'm privileged to learn from Hugh Hewitt that Saddam commanded an Islamist regime with weapons of mass destruction:

"Some pretend that lousy tactical choices motivate their dismay, but fantasies of better tactics can't obscure the fact that the strategic ends of the war haven't changed: The overthrow of Islamist totalitarian regimes and the denial to Islamist terrorists of WMD."

Did anyone really think that someone as simpleminded as Hewitt would internalize the difference between Saddam's secular Baathism and fanatical Islam? Nah. They're all the same.

Ah, and now we're treated to a shot of smug intellectual elitism from the radio talk-show host:

"Jonathan Chait, the superbly undereducated BA from the University of Michigan was back at it Sunday in the pages of the rapidly collapsing Los Angeles Times, telling no truths about Bush, but banging his only, self-revealing drum again: 'Is Bush Still Too Dumb to Be President?'"

You know, Hugh, you're right. I'm disgusted by the radical notion that we should judge intelligence by words and actions, callously disregarding those ironclad Harvard and Yale diplomas. And hey, the University of Michigan is a pretty low-caliber school—after all, it awarded you a J.D.

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