Sunday, April 01, 2007

Bow down

This bit from Michael Crichton is so pointedly absurd that it made me suspect parody:

"In the end, the issue in climate is not how many scientists agree that CO2 is the primary driver of current warming. The issue is whether the CO2 mechanisms they have embraced accurately account for the behavior of the planet in the recent past, and can predict its behavior in the near future.

Time will tell. But I believe the planet has many surprises in store.

So, too, does the science. I am quite sure we will see greater scrutiny of the global temperature record, and how it is kept. At least one paper has attacked the notion of global mean temperature as an arbitrary calculation having no physical significance at all.

In the meantime, as you know, my own prediction for warming over the next 100 years is 0.8 degrees C. I arrived at this by a complex formula that I will reveal in future years."

Michael Crichton: novelist, scientist, philosopher-king! Cutting through the oh-so-politicized "research" with characteristic brilliance, conjuring a formula of such unimaginable complexity that the blinkered masses are not yet ready for it!