Friday, August 22, 2008

The veepstakes

By all accounts, Obama's vice presidential choice is just an hour or two away. Like any good political junkie, I twitch and quiver at every text message I receive, ready to hear the news at any moment.

And as the anticipation builds, I'm becoming ever more disillusioned: does the Democratic Party really have so little talent? To me, the four most popular choices lie on a spectrum from mediocre to downright repulsive.

Bayh is an empty suit whose sole credential was a famous father. Sibelius, also a prominent beneficiary of political nepotism, bungled her moment on the national stage by delivering the worst State of the Union response I have ever seen. Biden is an aggressive but fundamentally vapid showman, prone to spouting idiocy in response to basic policy critiques. And Kaine... well, I don't have any deep resentment of Kaine, but that's probably because he's too new and unexciting to make me notice at all.

Believe it or not, I hope that Obama picks Clinton. Not because I'm fond of her, but rather because the past week of speculation has made me realize how deeply awful the other choices are.

(Jack Reed and Wesley Clark wouldn't be awful either... but for whatever reason, their names haven't received as much attention.)

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